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Product Light Modifying Tools Metal Grid Detail Please Refer to Technical Specifications Table
Circular Metal Grid, CHC-H series
Basic information:

-Precise and direct light output
-Create spot effect

We provide metal honeycomb in different shapes and sizes for reflectors and softboxes. We can also tailor made the requested size for you.

Product number:Detail Please Refer to Technical Specifications Table
Technical Specifications

Model No. Dimension Hole Angle Suitable for
CHC-1825-1H Ø 187x25mm 2.6mm 10°  
CHC-2025-1H Ø 200x25mm 2.6mm 10°  
CHC-8315-H3 Ø830x15mm 5.2mm 25° Beauty dish, SR-85T
CHC-1810-2H Ø 187x10mm 3.5mm 25°  
CHC-1810-3H Ø 187x10mm 5.2mm 30°  
CHC-1810-4H Ø 187x10mm 7.0mm 40°  
CHC-2010-2H Ø 205x10mm 3.5mm 25°  
CHC-2010-3H Ø 205x10mm 5.2mm 30°  
CHC-2010-4H Ø 205x10mm 7.0mm 40°  


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