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DVR-630D / 630DVC
Basic information:

The Falcon Eyes DVR-series LED ring light comes in two versions; D (standard day light) and DVC (with duo-color temperature adjustment), and 2 sizes 300LEDs (19W) and 630 LEDs (40W). The DVR-series is ideal for portrait photography and illuminating both small and large areas used for photography and videgraphy. The standard purchase comes with L-bracket for east positioning the camera, as well as tilting bracket for staying to be working in a long period while producing very low heat, which is no doubt a good news to the portrait photographers.

Delicated Ring LED panel (DVR-):

DVR-300D / 300DVC

DVR-630D / 630DVC

DVR-112V + SA3-B


Product number:DVR-630D / 630DVC
Technical Specifications Optional Accessories Manuals
Model No.: DVR-630D DVR-630DVC
No. of LEDs: 630pcs
Power: 40W
Color temperature: 5600K 3000K - 8000K
Illuminate (LUX):

0.5m @ 16000

1m @ 4800

2m @1300

0.5m @ 16000

1m @ 4800

2m @ 1200

Voltage: 15V 5A
Net Weight: 1.4 KG
Accessories Included: Camera Bracket / Diffusor / AC Adaptor
Optional Accessories: Power Pack (MV-AD2)


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