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Product Continuous Lighting / LED LED LPS-1000R / LPS-1000TD
LPS-1000R / LPS-1000TD
Basic information:

The LPS series is a high output LED light, the maximum power range reaches 100W, which is equivalent to 1000W quartz light. It is designed in full voltage AC 110-240V 60Hz/50Hz in order to be used in different countries around the world. The LPS series has a very long life span and it is an energy saver. The light is equipped with BOWENS MOUNT for various accessories, e.g. reflectors, softboxes, conical snoot. This is ideal for applying in product photography and video shooting.

Suggested accessories:

Softbox, Reflector, Tri-power conical snoot, LPSA-BOT


LPS-1000R / LPS-1000TD

LPS-2100R / LPS-2100TD

Product number:LPS-1000R / LPS-1000TD
Technical Specifications Optional Accessories Manuals Video
Model No: LPS-1000R LPS-1000TD
Power: 100W 100W
Power Control: 1-20-Full 1-20-Full
Color Temperature: 3200K / 5600K 3000 - 8000K
Operating Voltage: AC100-240V 60Hz AC100-240V 60Hz 
Weight: 2.6KG 2.6KG


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