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Unit E1, 11/F, Phase 1,
Hang Fung Bldg.,
2G Hok Yuen St.,
Hung Hom,
KLN, Hong Kong
Basic information:

The LP-series LED light replace the traditional fluorescent light panel with lower heat emission, more effective in saving energy and brighter illumination. 3tubes, 6 tubes and 9 tubes version are available. LED tubes are with power of 25W, 50000 hours life span, high CRI of 95Ra and color temperature of 3200K or 5600K. The aluminum housing is equipped with barn doors and can be installed with the specially designed soft box. 2 switches to control 2 groups of LED tubes and the U-bracket design makes it perfect in studio use.

Advanced Filming LED light:




Product number:LP-256
Technical Specifications
Model: LP-253 LP-256 LP-259
No. of tubes: 3 6 9
Power: 3 x 25W 6 x 25W 9 x 25W
Color temperature: 3200K or 5600K
Control: 1 step 2 steps 3 steps
Illumination angle: 90°
Input Voltage: 110V - 230V
Size: 59 x 20 x 7 cm 59 x 32 x 7 cm 59 x 52 x 7 cm
Illuminance (LUX):

0.5m @ 6300

1m @ 1700

2m @ 450

0.5m @ 12000

1m @ 3400

2m @ 970

0.5m@ 16000

1m @ 4800

2m @ 1400

Accessories included: Diffusor, Barn door, U-bracket, Bag
Optional Accessories: Honeycomb, Softbox


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