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Unit E1, 11/F, Phase 1,
Hang Fung Bldg.,
2G Hok Yuen St.,
Hung Hom,
KLN, Hong Kong
Basic information:

-Hot Shoe and speedlite trigger receiver
-Receive with hot shoe as well as 1/4” female mount
-DC version
-4 channels

Speedlites can be mounted on the hot shoe.
Studio flashes can be connected by the PC Sync terminal on the side of the receiver.
With the 1/4’ female mount, it is ideal for mounting the speedlites onto light stands.

It is compatible with the following models.
Nikon SB900, SB800, SB600, SB28, SB27, SB26, SB25, SB24
Canon 580EX II
Marumi DPZ420AF, D35AF, D728AF
Olympus FL-50, FL-40, FL-36
Sigma EF-500 DG Super, EF-500 DG ST, EF-430

Product number:RF-425DHS
Technical Specifications Optional Accessories

Model No. RF-425DHS
Built-in hot shoe Yes
Power of Transmitter 23A, 12V
Power of Receiver 3V, CR2
Effective Distance (m) 10
Channel 4
Remote to Receiver No
Photo Sensor /
Accessories Included Sync Cord (2.5mm male to PC male)


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